This watch was designed by Versace and made in Switzerland in compliance with the most stringent quality standards of the Swiss watch industry.
Your VERSACE watch is internationally warranted by VERTIME SA for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of purchase under the terms of this warranty. This warranty is only valid if your watch was purchased from an authorized retailer and if the warranty certificate has been duly filled in, signed and stamped by the retailer.
This warranty cover all defects in material and workmanship existing at the time your VERSACE watch was sold. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, improper use or theft or loss of the watch. Also excluded from the warranty are the bracelet, the battery and the crystal glass, as well as damage caused by wear and tear and all direct or indirect damage caused by the aforementioned cir- cumstances.
Any intervention on the watch by repairers not duly authorized by VERTIME SA shall void this warranty.
In case of need, contact the retailer from whom the watch was purchased or the Versace Precious Items distributor in the country you are in if different from the country of purchase.
No one is authorized to alter the terms of this warranty. Any other form of warranty given by the retailer is entirely under the retailer’s own responsibility.
Your watch has been successfully tested in diving conditions to a depth of 30 metres. It may therefore come into contact with water but is not suitable for underwater use. However, it is advisable to rinse the watch thoroughly with fresh water after swimming in the sea or a swimming pool. For perfect waterproof it is advisable to have the watch serviced every 24 months.

Watches with quartz movement.
The quartz movements used are Swiss Made.
For replacement of the battery or for any other problem, we recommend contacting an authorized Versace Precious Items retailer or one of the official after-sales service centres indicated in this booklet or on our website: .

Watches with automatic movement.
The automatic movements used are Swiss Made.
Maintenance of these watches must be carried out exclusively by one of the after-sales service centres indicated in this booklet or on our website: .

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